Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Have: Our Favorite Things

Top Of The Lineup

Oh, TV, welcome back from summer vacay. How we love you. Let us count the ways… Rock Solid 30 Rock How is it a comedy as riotously funny as 30 Rock doesn’t have droves of adoring fans? GLDers, unite! We cannot allow this gem to go the way of Arrested Development. Think Tina Fey strikes comic gold portraying that idiot […]

Express Yourself

Sure, Al Gore invented the internet, like, thirty years ago, and Express is a little late to the party, but don’t hold that against them. The re-launch of their website, now with e-commerce functionality, is a dirty martini in a land full of trash can punch. Everything flows together: the copy, the images, the navigation. The site even remembers what […]

We Don’t Need Another Gyro

If you want to take a trip to the sun-soaked hills of Greece, you can buy a $1,200 ticket to Athens (plus $100 to transfer all your toga-filled luggage). Or you can discover a little bit of Greece right here in Dallas. Stratos is not just home to some really hot Greek waiters, but some of the best Mediterranean dishes […]

This Guy Is Such An Aushole

We here at GLD pride ourselves on knowing the best of, like, everything. Seriously. Fashion, fun, boys, underwear, you name it. But we have to give props where props are due. No one knows TV like Michael Ausiello does. You might not know Mr. Ausiello, but you should. He’s this adorable little man with a cutie-pie grin and a fast-spinning […]

Sex And The Sheedy

You know how there are certain celebrities that fall off the radar and it isn’t until they reappear that you remember why you loved them in the first place? Well, ladies and biological ladies, Ally Sheedy’s back in a great little film that really took us by surprise. Gotta say we were intrigued by the title, Steam, and even more […]

Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.

Those brainwashers over at the Cotton Council may have convinced you that it’s “the fabric of your life.” But they weren’t talking about your sex life. Nothing can kill the mood faster than a pair of musty ol’ tighty whities. It’s time to upgrade your drawers to undies 2.0 with a pair of 2(x)ist Carbon line made of polyester fabricated […]

Gilt Trip

We love fashion. And we love a bargain. Because that means more money for cocktails! Uh, we mean more money for starving children, world peace and saving the environment. Typically, discount clothing means digging through bins at TJ Maxx for slightly irregular Calvin Klein underwear in hot pink with three legs. Or sissy-slapping the guy next to you over the […]

Forecast Calls For Sunshine And Cyclones

Oak Lawn is a fickle, fickle neighborhood. The gays can embrace a bar, restaurant or underwear shop and chat it up with all their friends, extolling its endless virtues. And then the very next week, cast it aside for the next new flavor. It’s how we roll. Yet when something truly good comes along, it has the rare opportunity to […]

Wurk It, Own It

Maybe it’s the blue-collar boy who melts your heart, or the white-collar gent who makes you all tingly in the, uh, pocket book – but nobody has love for the guy with his collar all jacked up. Fortunately, the brilliant minds at Wurkinstiffs have invented the magnetic collar point to stop the insanity of wayward wardrobe. And persnickety fashionistos everywhere […]

Italian Exchange

Watching a movie shot in Dallas is always fun for spotting local landmarks or catching a glimpse of favorite places. “There’s Great American Hero on Lemmon Avenue!” “Ooh, and isn’t that the male prostitute Jim picked up last week standing in the Taco Bueno parking lot? He’s a little blurry, but I think it is!” At the 2008 AFI Dallas […]