Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Have: Our Favorite Things

TV, Guyed

It’s our understanding of technology that separates us from the animals. In fact, it’s a vital part of what makes a man a man. Sure, we know women love gadgets, too. But stand mixers, vacuum cleaners and breast pumps don’t count. Oh, sorry. We just finished watching an entire season of Mad Men and our long-dormant chauvinism reflex just kicked […]

Packed In Like A Sausage

If you’re like us, December is the month when we completely surrender to the holidays. We stop working out, eat whatever we want (and double the portions), then wonder why our skinny jeans have staged a revolt and refuse to cooperate. For most people, these shenanigans would be the wakeup call necessary to cut back, eat a salad now and […]

Hooray For Bottoms!

While we would never complain about having too much underwear, it is possible to get overwhelmed with so many great designs to choose from. So we decided to pick one pair to highlight every month. We’ll try them all out first so only the ones that make it into our personal underwear drawer will make the final cut. Briefs, boxers, […]

Get Naked & Spice Up The Bedroom

There’s no doubt that sex sells. But that usually equates to women in bikinis selling light beer. For gay men, that does nothing for us. So if we want to see hot men hawking products, our choices are pretty much limited to underwear and razors. And we’re way too embarrassed to tell you how many Soloflex machines we’ve purchased because […]

Pocket Protector

As this whole eco movement gains further momentum, we’re getting the benefit of better quality and more innovation. All of the grocery totes we carry are made of recycled water bottles. The paper for our printer is almost entirely post-consumer content. And on days when we’re really tired, our jokes are up to 50% recycled material. (It’s our way of […]

Show Off Your Slix Pack

It’s time the truth is finally told: exercising is all about the outfit. Working out has everything to do with fashion, and really nothing to do with living a healthier life if you ask us. In fact, we spend so much time (and money) trying to turn heads at the gym that we often neglect what’s going on under our […]

Drop Your Drawers

We’ve been digging through our underwear closet (yes, we have too many pairs for one mere drawer – it’s an obsession we can’t control) in attempt to find our single nastiest pair of underwear. And by nasty, we mean the ones with holes, stretched-out elastic, or that one pair that represents everything that’s wrong with the world. Not only is […]

Summer Ain’t Over ‘Til We Say So

We’re gay, so summer doesn’t end at the stroke of midnight the morning after Labor Day. Summer is a state of mind, after all. We’ve worked hard on our bodies and even harder not being seen in the same swimsuit twice. So it wouldn’t be crazy to catch us clinging to a noodle, floating in our pool in the middle […]

A Gay Man Walks Into A Bar

Sometimes, technology makes ordinary tasks more difficult than they were the “old fashioned” way. Take our all-time favorite useless products: The EZ Cracker; a $150 paper towel dispenser; or, because who hasn’t gotten exhausted rolling meatballs, this thing. Yet sometimes, something comes along that truly makes life easier. That’s where the new Tabbed Out app comes in. It’s a drunk’s […]

N2 Undrwr?

When companies known for one thing start selling something else, it can often be a disaster. Like McDonald’s attempting to sell pizza. The spectacular foray of Coors into the bottled water market. Or Dr. Laura trying to sell the idea that she’s not a racist, bigoted, ugly cow of a bitch. Then there are companies that produce new products that […]