Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Have: Our Favorite Things

‘Tis Better To Give It Up

If it’s one thing gays love, it’s taking something old and freshening it up. How else can you explain our devotion to antique armoires, A&E’s Flip This House and Joan Rivers? So when Dallas Theater Center told us they were presenting the world premiere of Give It Up!, a modern take on Aristophanes’ ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata, we were excited. […]

Hit The Saxx

Keeping the boys in line isn't so hard for you. Or so we've heard. But keeping the boys below in line under various styles, whether boxer, brief or hybrid, isn't always as easy as we are after watching a football game. Though some have enjoyed the fleeting fantasies depicting it, no one really wants to be the guy who reveals […]

She’s A Publicity Ho

Kathy Griffin, once forced to take demeaning roles in films like Beethoven’s 5th and Muppets from Space, is finally (well, almost) being taken seriously. She’s everywhere. If Howard Stern is the King of All Media, then she most certainly is the Queen Fag Hag of All Media. Best-selling books, Grammy-nominated CDs, sell-out live performances, you name it. All that’s missing […]

‘Tis Better To Give

It’s Christmas Eve and the clock is ticking if you want to get us something to open tomorrow morning. We give you the gift of insider tips, gossip, laughter, and the occasional sexual innuendo a couple hundred times a year, so we understand your desperation to thank us with material possessions and delicious food and drink. Sure, we could pretend […]

Unnecessary Stuffedness

When we heard about a new burger joint opening up in Addison called Smashburger, we were a little skeptical. We thought it was going to be like our friend who presses down and flattens out any sandwich put in front of her before eating it. She can take six inches and pound it into one with a single thrust of […]

Girth Friendly

Now that this whole green living trend seems to be here to stay (at least until the right-wing extremists convince people there’s no such thing as global warming), it’s time for the eco movement to become a little more chic. Because no matter how you slice it, there’s nothing sexy about a Prius, making your own laundry detergent or Ed […]

The Hour of Power

Growing up in the South, religious shows appeared on our TV screens more often than toothless people on Hee Haw. When we’d tell our mom that we’d get a funny feeling in our tummy when we looked at the men’s underwear section in the JCPenney catalog she’d plop us down in front of the console TV and force us to […]

Push, Push Near The Bush

For years, women have had it so easy. Girdles. Tightly cinched corsets. Childbirth. Does the list of perks ever end? As men, when it comes to looking better in our clothes, our only options have been sucking in (while risking passing out) and duct tape. Now, 2(x)ist offers a stylish version of what they call “slimming underwear” for men. We […]

Onward Christian Bulges

The only thing we look forward to more than Santa Claus coming to town is Andrew Christian. Instead of a sack full of toys, he brings boys with full pouches. So in celebration of his upcoming visit to Dallas, we caught up with the legendary underwear designer on his new products and how hard it is to have a job […]

Pining For Chris

When it comes to getting our sci-fi geek on, we only have two requirements: skin-tight, quasi-futuristic costumes with great boots, and a hot leading man. Thankfully, the Star Trek reboot from J.J. Abrams has both. And let us tell you right now, Chris Pine as Captain Kirk just makes our Tribbles tremble. Yeah, we’ll take you boldly where you’ve never […]