Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must See: TV & Movies

Strike A Pose

If you could choose only one new show to add to your watchlist this week, make it Legendary. It’s one of a half-dozen original series that debuted with the launch of HBO Max this week and it’s a real standout. Even among hundreds of popular series and movies that are part of the massive HBO Max library. The reality competition […]

24/7/365 Queer

Even though TV has become gayer than ever, sometimes it’s just not gay enough. That’s where Revry comes in. The first global LGBTQ streaming network has launched new apps for pretty much every platform from Apple and Android to Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Whether you’re looking for comedy, drama or a heavy dose of reality, they’ve got you covered. […]

Amy’s Back. Yeah, Baby!

Forget Oprah, either of the Obamas and Mr. J. H. Christ. If we had to choose a single person to have a dream dinner with, we’d pick Amy Sedaris. And that goes double if she’s making the casserole. Few people on the planet make us laugh as much as the funniest of all the Sedaris middle children. And she’s back […]

Holy Morgan Fairchild!

This week is a stream come true: so much queer content, we can hardly stand it! It all starts with the delightful, scene-chewing, over-the-top entrance of the one and only Morgan Fairchild onto the set of Mélange, a new Logo series debuting tomorrow on YouTube and Facebook. Produced like an old-school soap opera (complete with end-of-scene character reactions accompanied by […]

Welcome To Your New Home Theater

So you’ve already watched everything available on Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video? We feel your pain. Now there’s a brand new option for in-home entertainment that recreates one of our favorite pastimes—a night out at Alamo Drafthouse. Rent or buy new releases, documentaries and really, really weird cult favorites from the comfort of wherever you like to put your butt. […]

So Many Bananas!

Do you love bananas? Perhaps you’re more of an eggplant aficionado. Or maybe you’re perfectly fine with a teeny-tiny pickle. Of course, it’s entirely possible you prefer a couple of ripe melons and a big juicy taco. And that’s OK. When it comes to sexuality and food innuendo, anything goes. The same can be said for what you see on-screen […]

Beary Entertaining

More of your favorite personalities are coming to your living room. Or, more specifically, your phone. Starting tonight, GROWLr, the social networking app for gay bears, launches the first of a series of livestream events. It kicks off with rapper Big Dipper (pictured above) discussing body positivity and his take on dating in the digital age. That’s followed by Jackie […]

Move Over, Tiger King

Well, crap. We’ve always thought a lot of reality TV shows pure caca, but TruTV has squeezed out a winner. Tirdy Works, debuting tomorrow, is truly #1 in #2. If you haven’t guessed it by now, this series centers around poop. Or more specifically, moose poop and the ways the citizens of tiny Somerville, Maine are turning turds into treasure. […]

Hooray For…

The latest series from the prolific creative team of Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan gives us so much to cheer about. Hooray for male prostitution! Hooray for sassy bitches! Hooray for gorgeous costumes! Hooray for lots and lots of gay sex! Yes, indeed, HOORAY for Hollywood! We had the privilege to preview the entire seven-episode limited Netflix series and it […]

Queens For A Day

Hope you’re stocked up on Kleenex. Because the Queer Eye guys no longer have a monopoly on the gays-making-people-cry-after-dramatic-transformations genre. Premiering tonight on HBO, We’re Here brings together three of the most beloved drag queens for a wildly fun—and surprisingly emotional—makeover show. Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara and Dallas’ very own hometown hoochie-mama, Shangela Laquifa Wadley, head to small […]