Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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Just For Thrills

Sometimes, the less you know about a movie before viewing it, the better it is. Albatross is one of those films. And also Hypochondriac. So instead of spoiling anything with words, we’ll intrigue you instead with the trailers for these unsettling queer-themed cinematic works. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Surprise! AlbatrossNow available to rent or purchase digitallyWatch on AppleTV […]

Oh, The Horror

Actual conversion therapy camps: scary as shit. Horror movies about conversion therapy camps: not so much. Normally, we only recommend our favorite things to eat, drink, watch and do here at He Said Dallas, but sometimes we feel the need to save you an hour and 45 minutes of your precious time. Tomorrow, the much-anticipated horror flick, They/Them (They Slash […]

Different Sex, Same City

Even though we fell squarely on Team And Just Like That, we think there might be an even better successor to the Sex and the City universe. Also from Darren Star, the creator of everybody’s favorite sex-filled romp about four women who love to brunch, comes Uncoupled. Except in place of four women, we’re treated to a trio of gay […]

Billy Porter Goes Behind The Camera

Known for dazzling on many a red carpet, Billy Porter may soon be on several more—during awards season. His new directorial debut can be streamed starting today on Prime Video. Anything’s Possible is part of a new type of coming-of-age tale in which the lead girl is trans and the teen angst and social drama for her is quadrupled (or […]

Man, Oh, Man, Oh, Man!

Before internet porn, before Grindr, we got our fill of masculine sexuality from one mainstream publication that was right in plain sight. Gays of a certain age will always remember International Male. We’ll never forget spending that night at a friend’s house during our high school years and finding one of the men’s fashion catalogs in a pile of magazines […]

Keep One Hand On The Remote & The Other One Free

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Let’s talk about you and me! But more importantly, let’s talk about all the great male nudity out there for us to stream! Thanks to the good guys who stole our dream job of cataloging naked dudes over at Mr. Man, we now have a go-to resource for all the best places to see gay […]

More Folking Relevant Than Ever

2022 is such a weird time to be alive. On one hand, we’re losing our rights and reverting to stone-age “morality” across America. On the other hand (filled with lube and reaching for as many cocks as possible), we’re able to view such explicitly queer content on streaming services that our inner 21-year-old is gagged. (Don’t worry, we los our […]

U.S. Sex Education Sucks (And Not In The Fun Way)

It’s a sad state of affairs that growing up we received the bulk of our sex education from a weekend course at our Methodist church. With a little bit of tedious anatomy and physiology thrown our way in Junior High health class. Much of what we learned was through trial and error while poking around the first peen not attached […]

Top Guns (And A Bottom One, Too)

While Tom Cruise is raking it in at the box office, there’s another high-flying military movie worthy of your time. The controversial Firebird follows the story of a handsome soldier who starts a secret affair with an ace fighter pilot in Communist-ruled 1970s Estonia. The dramatic, sensual film has been a hit on the festival circuit and today it’s available […]

The Big O

We’re sure people with kids actually use IMDB’s Parents Guide for its intended purposes, but we use their warnings as a way to pick out movies we WANT to watch. Case in point, O Fantasma. “Full nudity of the lead in multiple scenes, including one graphic scene in which he receives fellatio in a restroom.” Sounds like a great film, […]