Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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Hooray For…

The latest series from the prolific creative team of Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan gives us so much to cheer about. Hooray for male prostitution! Hooray for sassy bitches! Hooray for gorgeous costumes! Hooray for lots and lots of gay sex! Yes, indeed, HOORAY for Hollywood! We had the privilege to preview the entire seven-episode limited Netflix series and it […]

Queens For A Day

Hope you’re stocked up on Kleenex. Because the Queer Eye guys no longer have a monopoly on the gays-making-people-cry-after-dramatic-transformations genre. Premiering tonight on HBO, We’re Here brings together three of the most beloved drag queens for a wildly fun—and surprisingly emotional—makeover show. Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara and Dallas’ very own hometown hoochie-mama, Shangela Laquifa Wadley, head to small […]

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mom & Pop Porn Shop

In the world of documentaries, there are people like Joe Exotic who absolutely crave the spotlight. And then there are people like Karen Mason, who spends a good portion of Circus of Books asking her documentarian daughter why she’s making this movie and to stop filming her so much. That’s just one of many pleasures of this new Netflix original […]

She’s So Unusual

In less than two weeks, Will & Grace ends. For a second time. And we’re actually really sad about it. The sitcom has been a nice source of familiarity, comfort and laugh-out-loud moments that we’ve really needed since certain things happened in November 2016. And how fun was last week’s I Love Lucy tribute? Soon, we’ll be relegated to re-watching […]

Puff. Puff. Stream.

If ever there were a time we need legal marijuana in Texas, it’s now. But somehow, we don’t think that technicality stops anyone from partaking. Whether you’re into smoking a little doobster, chowing down on a THC-infused cookie, or don’t ever touch the stuff and never will, we have some exciting news. Last May, we flew all the way to […]

Red, White & Ru

This Friday night, get ready to pledge allegiance to one of the biggest, baddest, most bodacious cultural phenomena of all time. RuPaul’s Drag Race returns to VH1 for the debut of its twelfth season, which is great news considering the next season of All-Stars is making the controversial move to premium pay cable. As for the contestants, the judges and […]

Porter For President

Sunday night, we had dinner at a restaurant downtown specifically because they don’t have a single TV in the place. We don’t give a flying turd about watching the Super Bowl and we weren’t about to start. The same goes quadruple for tonight’s State of the Union address starring the Human Hemorrhoid that lives in the White House. What we […]

Netflix & Escape The Chill

‘Tis the season for binge-watching holiday movies, so why not start with one that features an LGBT storyline? Today, Netflix debuts Let It Snow, a John Hughes-worthy high-school comedy that takes place on one icy Christmas Eve. The film features a great cast, plenty of laughs and just the right amount of nipple shaving. Let It SnowOut nownetflix.com Photo courtesy […]

Fabu Go

Ready for a change of scenery for the Fabu Go? That’s “Fab Five” in Japanese, by the way. (At least if Google Translate is to be trusted.) Today marks a whole new season of Netflix’s smash reboot of Queer Eye, which finds the guys joined by model Kiko Mizuhara to help them around the Land of the Rising Sun. And, […]

Cheers To The Happy Thrupple

Ever dreamed of a relationship that’s thrice as nice? Dekkoo’s latest series, The Third, debuted yesterday and explores the concept, as you can guess from the title. Sexy, dramatic and very well produced, the six-episode season on the gay streaming platform is utterly addictive. Much like three-ways in real life. Photo courtesy of Dekkoo The ThirdNow streamingdekkoo.com