Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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Top Guns (And A Bottom One, Too)

While Tom Cruise is raking it in at the box office, there’s another high-flying military movie worthy of your time. The controversial Firebird follows the story of a handsome soldier who starts a secret affair with an ace fighter pilot in Communist-ruled 1970s Estonia. The dramatic, sensual film has been a hit on the festival circuit and today it’s available […]

The Big O

We’re sure people with kids actually use IMDB’s Parents Guide for its intended purposes, but we use their warnings as a way to pick out movies we WANT to watch. Case in point, O Fantasma. “Full nudity of the lead in multiple scenes, including one graphic scene in which he receives fellatio in a restroom.” Sounds like a great film, […]

Brendan Fraser Was Our God

In 1998, there was no hotter guy on the planet than Brendan Fraser in our book. Everything about him made us tingle in all the places. But seeing him in Gods and Monsters opposite Ian McKellen as James Whale, the director of Frankestein (1931) made us absolutely crazy for him as he solidified his status as our Homoerotic God of […]

Girlfriend In A Coma

We’ve always fantasized about going back to high school with the wisdom we have today. Bullies wouldn’t stand a chance! That’s sorta the scenario for Rebel Wilson‘s character in her new Netflix comedy, Senior Year, streaming today. Except there’s one major twist: She’s going back to high school after being in a coma for 20 years. So she really doesn’t […]

Teenage Dream

Forget The Avengers. There’s a new based-on-a-graphic-novel series that we’re way more into. Today, Netflix presents another show in its vast library of LGBTQ content: Heartstopper. Created and written by Alice Oseman, who created and wrote the graphic novels of the same name, Heartstopper is beyond charming. Centered around nerdy, borderline outcast Charlie (Joe Locke), the series quickly takes the […]

Bromosexual Tendencies & A Healthy Dose Of Racism

One of our strongest memories of Abercrombie & Fitch back in the 1990s was being intimidated to walk in. Partly because we didn’t feel anywhere near as hot as the models they had standing shirtless outside the front doors. But also because we were just out of the closet and not quite comfortable with the notion of someone catching us […]

The Power Of Pink

Marilyn Manson. A gender-fluid child. And a Dallas gayborhood hotel. These three seemingly disparate things came together in one of our favorite stories. Someone we know (we’ll call him Schmorlando to protect his identity) was working at a Dallas hotel when Marilyn Manson checked in one night with his entourage. While walking him to his room with all his baggage, […]

Girlfriend In A Coma

Rebel Wilson is one of those women. One of those women who can make us laugh with gusto with very little effort on her part. The simplest of facial expressions from her can send us into fits. But when she’s fully unleashed, she’s utterly captivating. Her comedic gifts are on full display in the new Netflix movie, Senior Year, streaming […]

What’s Up, Doc Fest?

If you love documentaries and live music, you’re going to have the sweetest love hangover come Monday morning. This weekend, Denton’s Thin Line Film & Music Fest brings you dozens of free movies (both in-person and virtual) and live music performances. The full festival features more than 50 films and 50 bands, so you’ll find plenty of options to suit […]

A 1990s Gay Time Capsule Will Be Opened This Weekend

Back in 1995, gay movies were few and far between. We didn’t have streaming services or on-demand options. And renting queer movies often meant finding a dedicated video store in the gayborhood or going into a back room for such “adult” content. We remember the first time we saw Jeffrey and realized we needed to marry Steven Weber. That obviously […]