Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must See: TV & Movies

Diary Of A Mad Genius

This is a great week for queer content on Netflix. While Queer Eye Germany will make you feel good, The Andy Warhol Diaries will make you feel everything. Produced by Ryan Murphy and directed by Andrew Rossi, the six-episode documentary series based on the posthumously published book of the same name, The Andy Warhol Diaries is a fascinating examination of […]

Willkommen & Grace

Don’t adjust the screen on your device. Yes, you’re hearing German. And yes, the Fab Five look a whole lot different. That’s because tomorrow, the Queer Eye franchise gets a global makeover with Queer Eye Germany. If you can’t get enough of the heartwarming, transformative stories that have made the American version such a smash hit and as much of […]

Tiger King & Queen

As obsessed as we were with Tiger King in the heat of the pandemic lockdown, we were fine with a single season. We couldn’t even bring ourselves to watch the second season of the Netflix documentary (mostly because there appears to be a lot of Trump in it from the previews and, um, f*ck no to that). And we’d simply […]

When “I Do” Turns To “I Don’t”

We hate to say (or write) anything that makes us feel (and sound) old. How else can we continue to get away with 29 as our age on Grindr? But we’re old enough to remember a time when “gay movies” were few and far between. And usually far from mainstream. One of those early films we traveled from Denton, our […]

If This Photo Freaks You Out, Keep Reading

Call us stereotypically gay, but we hate sports. Every single one of them. Well, maybe not shuffleboard. So the photo above really makes our skin crawl. (However, the two guys staring lovingly into each other’s eyes look like they’re ready to hit the showers, so that’s a little intriguing.) Luckily, LGBTQ-first network Revry has some queer counterprogramming geared toward people […]

Queer Eye, Science Guy

Crazy on the outside, thoughtful on the inside. This describes some of our favorite people in the world. And now it’s our overall impression of Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness’ newest show. Debuting today is Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness, a Netflix series based on their podcast of the same name.  Just as it sounds, JVN dives into […]

Rhymes With Mariah

CinéWilde‘s back for another season! And now that they’ve received an Art Activate grant from the City of Dallas’ Office of Arts and Culture, expect even greater things than usual. Kicking off the new 2022 season, the 2011 Sundance Film Festival award-winning movie Pariah explores the coming of age of a person of color, examining every corner of their life. […]

Golden Girl Gone Wild

If you’re like us, you’ve been doing a lot of Betty Binge-watching the past few weeks. From The Mary Tyler Moore Show to classic episodes of The Match Game, we’ve been immensely nostalgic for the beloved superstar and we’re ready to do some deeper dives on lesser-known titles. So perfect timing that tomorrow, Disney Plus releases Big Cat Whisperer: Betty […]

Netflix—Minus The Visuals

You won’t see the big red N when you launch the latest from Netflix today. But that’s OK, it’s all normal. That’s because today, Netflix launches its first-ever LGBTQ+ podcast, The Gay Agenda. Created, produced and by lesbian actress, singer/songwriter and podcaster, Jasmin Savoy Brown, the podcast also features producer and non-binary actor, comic and playwright Liv Hewson as her […]

Charlie, Angels

Even though our sensibilities fall more in line with Santa, Inc. than the Peanuts Gang, we still have a soft spot for the holiday classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas. We know we would’ve asked Mr. Claus to exile that bitch Lucy from the town, but good old Chuck’s too nice to do something that drastic. Tomorrow, get your last chance […]