Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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Chandelier Swinger

We’re not ones to quote song lyrics as a substitute for writing our own original thoughts. Instead, we’re just going to paraphrase the lyrics from “Chandelier” by Sia because they’re so completely appropriate to describe the titular character in Swan Song, out today. I’m gonna swing from the chandelierI’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t existI’m gonna fly like a bird […]

Bully Pulpit

How far would you go to make a point? Now, how far would you walk to make that same point? That’s a big part of the plot of the new movie, Joe Bell. Based on the true story of a dad (Mark Wahlberg) who walked across the country from La Grande, Oregon to New York City with his gay son […]

Crush Of The Titan

Oh, to be a kid again. We distinctly remember sitting in the movie theater as a young boy watching the original Clash of the Titans starring a very shirtless, very sexy Harry Hamlin. Even though we didn’t fully understand the feelings we had stirring inside us while seeing him on the big screen, we somehow couldn’t wait to get home […]

One Scary Fun Threesome

Good things often come in threes. Especially if one of them’s a gymnast. But enough about our personal lives. When it comes to movies, we think trilogies make for an engrossing experience that takes you deep into a single story over a few hours. Today, the first of three weekly releases in the Fear Street series on Netflix. Today, the […]

Computer Says Yes

The world as we know it today might not be the same without Microsoft’s second-ever employee. Hired in 1975, Ric Weiland was an openly gay man and software guru changed the world both with his ingenuity in the computer world, but also his work for HIV/AIDS research, marriage equality, and equality in the workplace for LGBTQ+ employees at some of […]

It Gets…Complicated

Out of the closet and into the real world. Season two of Love, Victor begins streaming tomorrow and now that Victor (Michael Cimino) has revealed his authentic self to everyone in his life, things are about to change. Some things get better and some things go south as family, friends and strangers all cope in their own way with the […]

Category Is: Subtitles

Any movie that opens with Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody will always lure us in. Whether we stick around for the whole things is another story. But this week’s new movie, Dancing Queens (not to be confused with Netflix’s docuseries, Dancing Queen, starring Dallas’ own Alyssa Edwards) is the perfect little movie for a rainy day. However, now […]

Movie Stars Under The Actual Stars

Remember last year when drive-in movies were all the rage? We still think they’re fantastic fun, but only when we’re allowed to get out of our cars and watch from a lawn chair. Or the hood of the car. Or dangling from a hot air balloon. Anywhere but the front seat. We tried watching movies from our car and it […]

Very Special Episodes: Volume 2

Remember back in 2019 when we were lucky to binge a dozen or so TV shows—the entire year? Hard to believe after 14 or so months of sometimes plowing through an entire season in a day. But back in those simpler pre-2020 times, we vividly remember one of the TV-viewing highlights was the first season of Special on Netflix. For […]

Sew Dramatic

Pull out your ultrasuede and settle in for another fantastic Ryan Murphy exec-produced Netflix series. Halston debuts today, but we received all five episodes in advance and binged them over two days. We plowed through the first four episodes in one evening and could’ve watched the fifth, but decided to save the finale for a special treat the next night. […]