Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must See: TV & Movies

Street Walker

This guy puts the gay in game show. And he’s our latest celebrity obsession. From our new favorite sitcom, Difficult People, to the frantic quiz show that made him a pop culture phenomenon, Billy Eichner is the funny man of our dreams. Tonight, Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner debuts its fourth season, only it can now be found […]

Stream Queens

It’s time for your TV, tablet and smartphone to come out of the closet. Because now they can be as gay as you want them to be. The new Queer Cinema app is like the LGBT Netflix. With tons of romantic comedies, dramas, documentaries and shorts ready for instant streaming to any almost internet-connected device, from your iPhone and Android […]

Gay Tooned

Quick, name five gay cartoons. And no, Peanuts doesn’t count, no matter what you think was really happening with Charlie Brown and Linus. Forget naming five. It’s hard to come up with a single LGBT-themed cartoon, right? Well, now there’s at least one that you can quote should the need for such trivia arise. Hulu has released a short, animated […]

Superstar Extraordinaire

We just might be in love. Again. But with a girl. Played by a man. Complicated like always, right? Well, you’ll become equally infatuated as soon as you watch Cassie Glenn, totally rockin’ superstar extraordinaire (you’re welcome), the lead character of First Period. We somehow missed it during its original festival run, but it’s new to Netflix instant streaming. Thank […]

Lights, Cameras, Gay Action!

You can’t spell movie without mo. So celebrate Pride Month with Netflix and their immense library of LGBT-themed movies. Netflix now has close to 200 films available for instant streaming, so you can catch up on classics and new releases on your home TV or just about any mobile device. From The Crying Game, RENT and Boys Don’t Cry to […]

‘Til Death Do They Part

We could really use some Suzanne Sugarbaker wit right about now. Or at least a glimpse of her pet pig, Noel. When we saw that Linda Bloodworth Thomason (Designing Women) was directing a new gay film, we were expecting something from her trademark sassy and hilarious oeuvre. But what she delivers in the documentary Bridegroom is so much more. The […]

No Drag, No Race

In a world where our DVR is maxed out, our Netflix queue is busting at the seams and the legal team at Hulu Plus has sent us a cease-and-stop-favoriting letter, we’ve come to terms that there aren’t enough hours in the day to absorb all our pop culture needs. If only someone would create a five-minute talk show we could […]

Don’t Drop The Soap!

Today, history will be made on the Internet. And not just in the grumpy-cat meme world. Two of our favorite soap operas are back and better than ever. All My Children and One Life to Live have found new life on Hulu and iTunes and we couldn’t be more excited. As kids, One Life to Live was our favorite TV […]

Be Kind. Rewind.

Let’s face it: except for a few fierce bright spots like the return of Project Runway and Angelina Jolie as a smokin’ sexy assassin, this summer’s box office and boob tube lineups are nothing more than hot tranny messes. Fear not, trusty viewers – like a shirtless lifeguard from Baywatch, Hulu has run to the rescue. Brought to you by […]